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Naples Florida
Short Selling your home in 2012

Please read important information on The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007. Read More...

New Artificial Reef is Slated for Doctor's Pass



Golden Gate Area Master Plan provides for emergency evacuation routes



Possible New Development between Immokalee Rd and Vanderbilt Ext.

Rural Village Causing Collier Controversy
Reported by ABC7 News, Oct 4, 2006

All Golden Gate Estate Roads To Be Paved

According to an article by NBC-2 News, written by Michelle Burdo and published on 9/27/2006, all the roads in Golden Gate Estates will be paved in 5 to 6 years.

22,000 Acre Community Planned East of Golden Gate Estates

22,000 Acre Community, Sept, 27, 2006

Golden Gate Estates Retail Stores Update

Golden Gate Estates Retail Stores Update, Sept. 27, 2006 Read More...

Ave Maria Campus

Ave Maria campus and its utilities are 48% complete
source Naples Daily News, August 25, 2006

Road Widening in Golden Gate Estates

No winner in fund debate  

A New Perspective

By Russell Tuff, Publisher
December 1, 2005

Relief is within sight for residents living in the Golden Gate Estates area. In the next five years, Immokalee Road will finally be widened to six lanes to Oil Well Road. The project started as four lanes and the county realized six were needed.

On the county’s five-year plan posted on its transportation website, Oil Well Road will be six-laned east to the town of Ave Maria and then north to the city of Immokalee. During Tuesday’s public meeting, the 30-percent design showed four lanes to Everglades Boulevard and then possibly six lanes east of Everglades.

North of Oil Well, Immokalee will be a four-laned road all of the way into the Immokalee city area.

According to the website, Vanderbilt Beach Road will be four-laned east of Collier Boulevard and remain four lanes to Wilson Boulevard and then north to Immokalee Road.

More relief is in sight as commercial centers have been given the go-ahead to proceed. This will provide nearby shopping and relieve over-stressed roadways.

Source:  The Collier Citizen

Tax Consequences of Flipping Real Estate

Picayune Strand to be New Wetlands Mitigation Area for Golden Gate Estates

A new wetland mitigation plan was approved on Sept. 30, 2005, in which lot owners in Golden Gate Estates can build on wetlands in return for paying to help preserve land in Picayune Strand State Forest. The plan is to remove non-native vegetation such as melaleuca and Brazilian pepper, pay for long-term upkeep, and buy more land for preservation. Besides costing less than mitigation credits in other parts of Southwest Florida, ROMAs in Picayune Strand could provide mitigation credits for Golden Gate Estates for another 20 or 30 years.

Update on Proposed Interchange I-75, Everlgades

An informational meeting is scheduled for Oct 13 at 7:00 pm regarding the proposed interchange at I-75 and Everglades Blvd.  Read more

Home Buying 101

Home Buying 101 - Escrow? Jumbo loan? PMI? Before your head is swimming with these house-buying terms, get a quick vocabulary lesson in some real estate and mortgage terms.

Plans to extend Vanderbilt Beach Road

The Vanderbilt Beach Rd Extension will create a five-mile, six-lane connection between Collier (951) and Wilson Blvd.  Construction should start in 2008.  There is a proposal to extend the roadway east to Desoto Blvd.  Read more

Southwest Florida International Airport has new terminal

The new Midfield Terminal opens Friday, Sept. 9.  The final scheduled arrival at the current terminal is early Friday, just after midnight.  The first take-off from the new terminal will be at about 5:20AM, the first arrival at about 8:30AM.

Golden Gate Blvd and Everglades zoned commercial

Commisioners approved commercial zoning for Big Bear Plaza
Read article    Collier Citizen

Everglades Blvd, I-75 Interchange

Collier County officials are lobbying for a new interchange at Everglades Blvd.
Read article  Naples Daily News

Golden Gate Estates Road Plan

Proposed road plan for southern Golden Gate Estates
Naples Daily News  read article

Company Picked to Market Ave Maria Business Space

Retail leasing rep chosen for the first phase of the town of Ave Maria. Read More...

Naples 2013

Average Sold Price* 


Median Sold Price*

Naples, 2010 

Average Sold Price*
Single Family  $457,000
Condos,         $295,000

Median Sold Price*
Single Family $209,000
Condos         $162,000

Naples,   2008  to 2010

Average Sold Price*
Single Family  $484,000
Condos,         $359,000

Median Sold Price*
Single Family $237,000
Condos         $197,000

*Statistics taken from Sunshine MLS

For Median Prices for neighborhoods see Communites.


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